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Prish Wright

Parrish Wright


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Parrish was born in Rhode Island and moved to Belgium at 11 months old. He came back to the U.S. to study Computer Science in university in Rhode Island years later. Parrish then moved to Florida in 2000 and has lived here ever since. His sons and him enjoy being able to throw on shorts and a T-Shirt most of the year and spending time on the beach or finding a new spot to go fishing. Then 2 years ago, they adopted a wonderful laid-back dog named Cyrus that now joins them on their weekly adventures. Parrish and his sons enjoy stopping by their local Dicks Wings after a weekend adventure to check up on the football scores and enjoy some Cajun Ranch wings. Parrish’s favorite part of working for FCMF is being able to assist customers achieve the dream of home ownership as has done here in Florida.

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