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Terry Cox

Loan Officer

Phone Number
(443) 848-7261




Terry Cox was born and raised in Western Orange County of Central Florida, where his early professional journey started at Disney World and Wet N Wild Water Park. Seeking a change of scenery and the allure of seasonal shifts, Terry moved north in the mid-90s. However, after nearly three decades, the call of the sun and sand proved irresistible, leading him back to his Floridian roots.

A connoisseur of fine spirits, Terry has a penchant for exploring diverse whiskey varieties, with a particular fondness for Port Cask Finish. This passion for tasting is rivaled only by his love for Reese Cups. Terry is a proud father of three, two of whom are navigating the world of college with one still at home. They’ve inherited his athletic spirit, excelling in tennis, football, and soccer. His competitive nature is evident not just in sports but in every endeavor he undertakes. Yet, it’s his family that keeps him anchored and grounded.

Whether it’s firing up the grill at home, smoking a choice cut of meat, or relishing the outdoors anywhere from Jacksonville to Coco Beach, Terry’s life is a blend of professional dedication and personal passions. As a Loan Officer, he brings the same enthusiasm and commitment to serving his clients, ensuring they embark on their homeownership journey with confidence and ease.

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